Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Normandy: UPDATE

Well, after a long month, I finally managed to texture and light the Normandy model from Mass Effect. I don't suppose they will use my work anytime soon, but I'm pleased with the result. There wasn't too much work involved in terms of texturing; the heavy parts include the laptop/video screens, the vents behind the center console, and the Alliance flag hanging over the front window. The galaxy map was a bit tricky as I had to fool around with alpha images in Photoshop, but eventually it worked out. Behind the galaxy map you will notice the actual Normandy model; this is simply a transparent mesh with an orange glow. There are many area lights, mostly blues and oranges. Next post, I want to have a fly through so you will be able to see the image sequence "outside" of the window to give the appearance that this model is orbiting Earth's surface. In time. Thanks for reading, and enjoy!

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